Monthly Archives: December 2016

Wow I’m a lumbersexual 

So chatting to my daughter on Boxing Day whilst reading a book (Xmas present) about wood carving, I found out about lumbersexual style. Can I say I have never been part of the fashion police & tend to wear what I like and what I’m comfortable in.

Anyway the author of the book had a plaid shirt, groomed beard, scruffy hair and knee holes in his jeans oh and fashionable boots. Apparently lumbersexuals like the idea of getting back to nature whilst having a large glass of something. Hmmm I have the checked shirt because it keeps me warm in the garden. I do have holes in my jeans but they came from kneeling and weeding the flower beds. I do have scruffy hair but that’s because of the wind and I gave up on the idea of a beard over 30 years ago. My shoe attire is not fashionable but functional but I do like being outdoors. 

I’m batting 50-50 here so what is the clincher. Woodcarving is the answer. I’m happy with the garden but needed to do something new and over the last few weeks have been turning the garage into a workshop. So that’s decided apparently I fit into the definition of a lumbersexual. I promise to let you know how my style journey goes, minus the beard.