Fruitless February


Well what a strange month February was. Lots of activity in the “The Pink Bungalow Family” with both offspring looking for new accommodation in Greenwich.

But in the garden there was little or no activity because of the weather and work, but we did manage to get something done.

You may remember that from my previous preambles I was planning on digging and planting up a new Cottage Garden bed with free seeds from the Cottage Garden Society.

Well the day came when the postie delivered the brown envelope and I opened it with great enthusiasm and expectation. Unfortunately I didn’t get the choices I asked for and was sent lots of substitutes including Digitalis.

Let me tell you if there is one thing that grows well in our garden is digitalis. In fact I could probably keep Poirot, Miss Marple and Barnaby going for the next three series of murder mysteries.

I spoke with members at the next Cottage Garden Society meeting and some of them kindly offered free plants. After all the idea of the new bed was to plant it up with “free plants”. Forget about my time, compost and the buying of seed trays etc.

Next Doors Winter Display

Next Doors Winter Display


So as disappointment briefly set in “the flight of the butterfly” occurred. Mrs Pink Bungalow asked me to look on the Tinternet about redeeming vouchers from a well known store.

So after the www I found that the voucher redemption scheme also covered the purchase of plants from an online seed and plant provider.  For every £5 of vouchers I could get £15 worth of plants and so I redeemed three vouchers

This seemed to fit my ethos of free; well in my head it did.  The vouchers had been provided as a result of money already being spent and the only cost would be postage and packing.

I promptly ordered collections A & B making a total of 72 plug plants, along with a couple of packets of seeds including Echinace “Pow Wow Wild Berry” (great name) and Sweet Pea “Chatsworth”. I wanted to make sure the whole amount was spent and am currently in the waiting period for delivery.


Thirty Plus Bags of Compost

Thirty Plus Bags of Compost

In the meantime I started digging the bed by removing the turf and so far it’s measuring 6m x 2m. I keep thinking about making it wider but Mrs PB keeps saying, “what about the weeding” It will be taken up to 8 metres and maybe 10.

I have also collected over 35 large bags of well rotted horse manure which is residing next to the bed. In the trusted ways of Geoff Hamilton I will dig in the manure and prepare the bed whilst the plugs grow on in the greenhouse.

Speaking of Geoff Hamilton, I am looking forward to the talk by his son Nick on Barnsdale Gardens recent history at the next meeting at the Cottage Garden Wirral group meeting.

Mahalo and Happy Gardening


4 responses to “Fruitless February

  1. Just returned from the talk by Nick Hamilton. What a fantastic speaker he is, a real chip off the old block. We went to Barnsdale in 2000 and can see what a difference he has made. Must make a return visit this year.

    Pam Irving

    • I enjoyed the presentation by Nick Hamilton and it’s now on the list of gardens to visit. It might mean an overnight stay.
      I got his dad’s three DVD’s for Christmas and picked up two of his books from charity shops.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for reminding about the well known supermarket reward scheme & one of the rewards available from that welsh sounding seed firm.! 😉

    I’m frozen in here at the moment, I had booked extra days off over Easter so I could get on with some big projects in the garden, and I estimate I’m already 3 weeks behind when I wanted to get sowing flower seeds.

    Desperate for spring, but the forecast here in the East Mids is a long week of same freezing temperatures.

    *Gloomy face

    Happy gardening!

    • Hi,

      the weather has been a pain but I’ve managed to get some seeds on the go after acquiring a small heated windowsill propagator.

      The garden is still covered in snow and ice from last week so the bank holiday schedule has been scrapped. the voucher plants have arrived and potted on.

      I’ll give everyone an update.

      Mahalo and Happy Gardening

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